Visualiner 3D2
Imaging Wheel Aligner

The V3D2 imaging alignment system
leverages patented imaging technology
to provide accurate, real-time measurements that reduce setup and measurement times
and generate serious productivity benefits.
This proven technology is matched with easy-to-use software that will have your technicians getting readings in a matter
of minutes.

BFH 800 Fully-Automated
Wheel Balancing System

The award-winning BFH 800 wheel balancer is designed for high-volume shops and those users looking to improve productivity. With one of the fastest floor-to-floor times in the industry, the BFH 800 provides revenue-generating functionality, such as wheel weight management, behind-spoke tape weight placement and wheel-to-tire matching.

EHP System V Tire Changer
The EHP System V handles a wide range of high-performance wheel and tire assemblies, including low-profile and run-flat tires. Advanced features, such as pneumatic locking of the mount/demount head offset, provide maximum cosmetic safety for expensive wheels and significantly reduce the risk of wheel or tire damage. The tilt-tower provides maximum clearance for technicians when placing wheel and tire assemblies into position.
Pneumatic bead assist is standard.

Loaner cars available
upon request.

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